Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm excited! ♥

Yay! Only 5 more days till my baby comes to Vegas. :) Yes, I'm excited! Lots of surprises for me too. Lol. I miss his hugs and kisses a lot! XOXO. <3 I miss you babe! Love you. ♥

Anyway, yesterday was my last day of work. I worked from 12PM - 7PM. Then at 12:30AM Francis picked me up and then we picked up Naoka from work to meet up with the others to go midnight bowling. It was me, Francis, Junior, Naoka, Kim, Jaysheree, and Liz. Hahah, it was a lot of fun! I got a couple of strikes. =) Francis and Junior was competing. Lol, whoever loses has to pay for dinner/breakfast for everyone. Francis lost. Lol. After that around 2:30AM we went to eat. We talked, laugh and had a great time. They surprised me with a "birthday" cake/icecream with a candle. Hahah, not my birthday but in order to get it they said it was my birthday so they all sang me a happy birthday song. Lol. It was celebrating that it is my last day and that I'm going to college soon. They are wishing me good luck and congratulating me. :) Thanks to you all! We finished around 4:30AM and then we all left. Took pictures and gave each other hugs. =) Thank you all for coming, I had a great time. I will miss you all. Francis dropped Naoka off then me. I got home around 5AM. Parents were sleeping; I didn't get in trouble. That's a good thing. Then went to bed around 5:45AM. Eh, I texted babe saying I'm home safe. But I guess he was a bit upset that I came home kinda late. Yeah, I guess I did. Waiting for bowling kind of took up a lot of time. Um, so I slept in till 1:30PM. I'm surprised that I didn't sleep in later than that. Lol. After that just woke up and watched my dramas and ate ice cream. Hahaha. :P Later, we decided to go to the mall. We went to Dollar Tree first to get some stuff. After that, we went to the mall. I bought earrings from Forever 21. It was so cute. :] I love it! We also got my mom her Lancome stuff cause she needed it. After that, we went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff. Then we went home. =) That is my day! Tomorrow, my sister and I decide to go to CSN to get our transcript for our Sociology class and have them send it to NAU. And then I am probably going to Venetian to return my uniform and pick up my two paychecks. That should be my day for tomorrow. I plan to get a new haircut on Thursday or Friday. Ugh, I have a lot of hair and it's long and it's so hot. Need a new haircut before I go to college. Okay, time to go now! Bye.

- Sheri Luong ♥

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