Sunday, January 31, 2010

New background! :)

Hello! I decided to put a new background from Shabbyblogs because I got bored of the other one. :P I think it is really cute and pretty! What do you guys think? Anyways, the past weekends has been great. I have been hanging out with my boyfriend and spending time with him since we have been so far from each other before and now we are closer than ever. :) On Friday, I went to Michael's  in the afternoon with Nancy and Sarena. I bought some stuff for Valentine's Day. It's coming up! It is also the same day of Chinese New Years. I am not able to go back home but I will call my parents and sister to wish them a Chinese New Years and many more! So after Michael's, Jaimee came and picked us up and headed to the mall with the girls. It has been awhile since us girls went to the mall together. I got some cute stuff for a good deal. Well, I got Victoria Secret T-shirt bras because I really wanted them and needed them. I also got a really cute casual dress and a top at Charlotte Russe for approximately $7 each because it was 50% the ticketed price. Cool huh? We didn't have much time though because the others had to head back to meet up for dinner at 6PM so we left the mall. Jaimee dropped me, Nancy, and Sarena off at Target so we can buy some stuff. After that we walked back to our dorms and just relaxed. Babe picked me up that night and I spent the weekend with him. On Saturday, we baked a cake, ate pizza, and watched "Tyler Perry's Madea goes to Jail." I watched three of Tyler Perry's productions and it is hilarious. I love it! :) After that, we watched SAW VI and it was pretty good too. Haha, I got scared. :P Today, he opened for work and I cleaned his house. I was so bored and couldn't take how dirty it was. Lol. He came home around 6:30PM and he said he knew I cleaned and had a feeling. Haha. He took me back to the dorms at 9:30PM and now I'm here just blogging and being bored. My first class tomorrow morning is Yoga. =) I like it so far but it can get intense! I have two tests this week; Math and Psychology. I hope I do well. Wish me luck! Okay, that's it for now. Bye!

♥ Sheri Luong

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello readers! Sorry, it's been awhile since I've last blogged or updated. So basically, Spring Semester started 2 weeks ago and it's great so far. My classes are not that hard but I do have some reading to do. I like all my professors and instructors too! :) My boyfriend moved here on January 15th and I was so excited to see him. It's been awhile. His father was there with him too. We went to Wal-Mart to get some supplies and stuff for the apartment. The next day, Saturday was the hangout with my friends going to his place and chilling. We had pasta, pizza, and wings. Yummm! After that, we decided to take the others back to the dorm. Something interesting happened. Jaimee and my boyfriend got pulled over by the police and we were scared! Jaimee got lost on her way out of Colby's place. We were speeding and trying to get out. The police officer asked us what are we doing and if we are drinking. The scary part was one of my friend is in the back of the seats and the police officer did not see. We got lucky! The police told us to becareful next time. Wow, what a night huh? :P This past week, it has been snowing and it got pretty bad. The school canceled school on Thursday and Friday. I was so happy! The snow got really deep and high. On Thursday, I went out and played in the snow with friends. It was beautiful but it got extremely cold! So for the weekends so far, I have been staying over at my boyfriend's house and just spending time with him. When he works, I will be at home. Haha. On Friday, he hurt his knee from falling and then the next day I made him go to the hospital to get it checked out. The doctors gave him braces for the leg, crutches, and prescribed medicine. I was so worried and freaking out! I hope he feels better. Today, babe and I went to the mall to get his ring sent in for cleaning from Kays. After that we went to IHOP and just ordered to-go. Then he dropped me off back to the dorms so I can do some homework. While getting out of the car, I fell and busted my ass and elbow. It hurts. T__T" I feel a little pain right now. I finished reading Chapter 2 for Psychology and took the quiz online. Tomorrow I just need to do another assignment. Right now, I'm waiting for babe to get off from work. Haha. This Saturday, the 30th is the Snowball hosted by McConnell. Babe said he's going. :) I hope this dance will be worth it and lots of fun! Valentine's Day and Chinese New Years is coming soon too! I can't wait. I am excited. Although, I can't go back home and be with family because no time and too short. I don't know what babe and I is going to do for this Valentine's Day. Hmm. Here are some pictures! Enjoy. Bye!


 ♥ Sheri Luong