Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm back! =)

Hello! Sorry it's been a long time since I have updated. Let's just say March has been a busy month for me. First off I went back home for Spring Break and it was great. I spent time with my family and friends a lot. I also went shopping a lot and bought many new clothes and things for spring and summer! I love it. :) Last weekend I went on a camp retreat with my SSS group at school and it was Camp Chapel Rock in Prescott. I was there on Friday-Sunday. I had a blast and an amazing time at camp. I got to know so many new people and everyone is chill. We played many games and activities too! We also went hiking, watched movies, went to the park to play Fear Factor activities (it was interesting lol), Poetry Talent Night, and bonfire. I came back Sunday around noon and was super exhausted and sore from the hike. Haha. Camp was awesome and I will definitely want to go again next semester! Thanks SSS! =) Anyways, tomorrow is April Fools! Haha. I can't believe it's already April! March went by so fast, I didn't even realize it. Soon, it's going to be summer. I need to find a summer job when I go back home because I need some money. I can't believe Freshman year in college is ending soon and we are going to sophomores soon! Haha, I remember last summer when I came here for orientation. So lately the weather here is getting a little warmer but tomorrow it's going to snow. I know right? What the heck? Crazy. I want it to hit the 70's or 80's already! So yesterday McConnell Hall's fire alarm went off like 4 times and twice today. I was getting really frustrated and annoyed because I'm not sure if someone is messing with it or some idiot burnt something like popcorn? It's ridiculous. Hmm, I don't know what to say. Oh yeah, new background! Like it? :) Alrighty, bye!

♥ Sheri Luong