Friday, July 31, 2009

I am bored.

This morning I woke up at 11AM and got ready to go to CSN Community College to get my official transcript for my Sociology 101 class that I took my junior year. Um, it took 30 minutes to wait in line just to have them print a unofficial transcript first. After that, Nancy and I went to the cashier to pay $2.00 to have them send it out and the process of it. Finally! I got 3 credits already! Yay! :) Now I get to take Sociology 201 or was it 210? =) After that, we went the Venetian to get my two paychecks and return my uniform. My paychecks came out pretty good. Anyways, after that we headed to Meadows Mall. We looked around and shopped. The Forever 21 there was so huge! Oh my gosh! I was in love with it when I saw it. Lol. Actually it's called XXI there. :P I bought Nancy and I a cute dress and I got my little sister her birthday gifts from there since she loves Forever 21. I was debating if I should get her a gift card since it'll be easier, but it's more meaningful if I picked it out and get it for her instead. Then I went to AGACI to get this cute dress! :] I love it. Lol. Yes, I am a shopaholic. I shop more than my boyfriend. Yeah, that's what he says. Hahaha. I still need to get some winter clothes, but it hasn't come out yet. So I'll just wait. Around 5PM, we left the mall and went to the bank. After that bank, we went home. I came home and went online for awhile and then I took a nap because I was pretty tired. I woke up around 8:40PM? My right arm and elbow hurts really badly. It sucks. T__T' My boyfriend called me and we are still talking on the phone right now, while I am blogging. Lol. Hmmm, I found out some stuff and I am not so happy right now. =/ Oh well. I prayed and hope things get better. I hope for the best. Tomorrow I actually have a appointment for a haircut at 12PM with my little sister. Yes, finally! :) Okay, time for me to go now. Bye!

- Sheri Luong ♥

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm excited! ♥

Yay! Only 5 more days till my baby comes to Vegas. :) Yes, I'm excited! Lots of surprises for me too. Lol. I miss his hugs and kisses a lot! XOXO. <3 I miss you babe! Love you. ♥

Anyway, yesterday was my last day of work. I worked from 12PM - 7PM. Then at 12:30AM Francis picked me up and then we picked up Naoka from work to meet up with the others to go midnight bowling. It was me, Francis, Junior, Naoka, Kim, Jaysheree, and Liz. Hahah, it was a lot of fun! I got a couple of strikes. =) Francis and Junior was competing. Lol, whoever loses has to pay for dinner/breakfast for everyone. Francis lost. Lol. After that around 2:30AM we went to eat. We talked, laugh and had a great time. They surprised me with a "birthday" cake/icecream with a candle. Hahah, not my birthday but in order to get it they said it was my birthday so they all sang me a happy birthday song. Lol. It was celebrating that it is my last day and that I'm going to college soon. They are wishing me good luck and congratulating me. :) Thanks to you all! We finished around 4:30AM and then we all left. Took pictures and gave each other hugs. =) Thank you all for coming, I had a great time. I will miss you all. Francis dropped Naoka off then me. I got home around 5AM. Parents were sleeping; I didn't get in trouble. That's a good thing. Then went to bed around 5:45AM. Eh, I texted babe saying I'm home safe. But I guess he was a bit upset that I came home kinda late. Yeah, I guess I did. Waiting for bowling kind of took up a lot of time. Um, so I slept in till 1:30PM. I'm surprised that I didn't sleep in later than that. Lol. After that just woke up and watched my dramas and ate ice cream. Hahaha. :P Later, we decided to go to the mall. We went to Dollar Tree first to get some stuff. After that, we went to the mall. I bought earrings from Forever 21. It was so cute. :] I love it! We also got my mom her Lancome stuff cause she needed it. After that, we went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff. Then we went home. =) That is my day! Tomorrow, my sister and I decide to go to CSN to get our transcript for our Sociology class and have them send it to NAU. And then I am probably going to Venetian to return my uniform and pick up my two paychecks. That should be my day for tomorrow. I plan to get a new haircut on Thursday or Friday. Ugh, I have a lot of hair and it's long and it's so hot. Need a new haircut before I go to college. Okay, time to go now! Bye.

- Sheri Luong ♥

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer so far! ♥

So the last couple of days I have been working and just hanging out with my friends. :) On Friday, it was my friend's Fong's birthday dinner at Caesars Palace at the Planet Hollywood restaurant. It was pretty good, but expensive. :P Haha. Winnie, Yar, and I decided to go get her a birthday cake and surprise her at David's house. =) She loved it. After that we just chilled and played games. Lol. So my left ear is finally okay now because I went to the doctor's last week. They flushed it out with water. Hahaha, I can hear perfectly and more clearer now!

Anyways, earlier I just installed my new laptop and set it up. I love it! :) Thanks mom! Anyways, I'm just trying to get use to Windows Vista. I'm going to use my webcam soon too! Awesome. :]

So I'm counting down the days of when my baby is coming to Vegas. 12 days. ♥ I'm very excited! I miss him. And I'm extremely excited for that Thursday because there are lots of surprises for me, he said that. :) I have it all planned out of what we are going to do that week while he is here. I can't wait! Hmmm, I think he fell asleep on me earlier. Not answering. Oh well. I know he's very tired from work. My hard working lover. =) ♥

So my last day of work is next Monday, apparently. I thought it would be the 31st of July, but I guess my manager made it easier for me because that Wednesday is when I get paid. Oh well. Whatever. So today I watched Defiance and it was pretty good. I liked it. :) Very touching and inspiring. Also, very interesting. It left me thinking a lot. After that I went to the grocery store with my mom. I'm craving frozen yogurt right now. Yummmmm! <3

- Sheri Luong ♥

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bored and irritated.

It's about 2:50AM here and I am still up because I can't go to sleep yet. I decided to blog because I have nothing else to do. Anyway, yesterday (Monday) work was alright. I closed with Tim, the supervisor. He is pretty chill and cool. Haha. =) It was pretty slow, but towards the end around 10:30PM it got very busy because there was a big group of 30 teenagers from a camp that came. Oh my gosh, it was so annoying and such a hassle. But, their bill came out to be around $193. Lol. Hahaha, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream is expensive. After that, Nancy picked me up and we just went home. I am very annoyed and irritated by my plugged/clogged ear on the left side. It's been like this ever since I went swimming last week. It's been exactly a week now. I got the ear solution and it still didn't work. It kind of burned and seems like it got worst. I am kind of worried and scared. I am wondering why it's still like this. I plan to go to the doctor tomorrow to have them check it out and get rid of it cause it's really annoying me and I don't like it. I hope they can. Babe said it can be an ear infection, but my ear does not hurt though. He said everything is going to be okay, I believe so too. I just need to relax and stop worrying.

Anyway, on Sunday my mom bought my sister and I a new HP laptop! Yay! I am so happy. :) Thanks mom, I love you! <3 She got it for us because we needed it for college in August. :] I still need to set it up and stuff. Talking about college; I am so excited for it! I can't wait. I still need to finish my summer reading though. Haha, I've been procrastinating on reading. :P Not good. Lol. So this week I have 4 days off from work. I'll relax and go out. I get paid on Wednesday. =) Hopefully, it's a good amount. I went shopping on Friday and it was cool. I got two cute sweatpants at Rue 21, plaid shirt at PacSun, and two v-necks at Rave. Lol, shopping is always fun! But, I'm starting to buy Winter clothes so I'll have them for college. I need to stop buying summer clothes because it's almost over. Lol. That's all for now. Bye! :)

- Sheri Luong ♥

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I just got off work and I am so tired. Tomorrow I close again and then on Monday I close at Monte Carlo. Anyways, I miss my baby. Love you. <3

- Sheri Luong ♥

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun with my girls! =)

Today I woke up around 1:20PM like usual sleeping in. Hahaha. It feels great to sleep in, especially in the summer! :) Anyway, Lenna, Fong, Vanessa, and I planned to go to Ross and Yogurtland. First, Lenna came and picked up Vanessa and I, then we went to Ross. We looked around, but I didn't get anything. After that, we just went to Q-Mode to look around also. I saw two cute tops and I tried them on and it looked really cute and nice. So I got both of them. :) After that we went to Payless to look at shoes, but there wasn't much. After that we got kind of hungry so we decided to go somewhere to eat. We decided on BJ's. :] We went back to Fong's house so she can change and after that we headed to BJ's. =) It was pretty packed but we got seated fast also. We ordered our food and ate. It was good! Hahah. Then Chris met up with us and ate too! We had dessert after. We got a pizookie and it was awesome. A pizookie is ice cream with fresh baked hot cookie on a pan. Sounds good huh? Lol. After BJ's we had a little "road trip" haha. We drove around the REAL Red Rock. It was pretty cool. Then we decided to go to Target and walk around. I got undies and a nice frame. Then after Target, Lenna dropped off Fong, my sister and I home. Thanks for a fun day girls! :) Tomorrow Wilson, Lenna, Nancy, Vanessa, and I are going to the Premium Outlet to shop and stuff. I can't wait. I need to start buying Winter clothes because it's cheaper in the summer. I just can't wait to go dorm shopping and moving into the dorms! =) DORM LIFE must be really fun!

So babe said he is visiting in August. I'm excited to see him. I miss you so much baby. We will make the best of the days that you are here. Like I said, let's be strong and never lose hope and faith okay? We will make it. And I will always be here for you, I will support you, care for you, and always love you. ♥

- Sheri Luong ♥

Just another day.

Today I woke up around 1:30PM because I slept around 3AM in the morning talking to babe on the phone and chatting with him. Woke up, did the usual, ate, and talked to babe. Lol, I started playing Restaurant City on Facebook because it was interesting and pretty fun. Hahaha. I also like to bowl too, it's fun!

So I'm sitting at Monte Carlo's foodcourt because I am an hour ealy because I thought there was going to be traffic and also my dad had work at 7PM too. I'm working here today because they needed some help so I decided to help out and get my hours even if it's a couple hours. I'll probably be off by 11:30PM. =)

I am missing Colby so much. This sucks. I hope I can see him in August. I hope you feel better babe. I am here for you no matter what! I love you baby. <3

- Sheri Luong ♥