Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun with my girls! =)

Today I woke up around 1:20PM like usual sleeping in. Hahaha. It feels great to sleep in, especially in the summer! :) Anyway, Lenna, Fong, Vanessa, and I planned to go to Ross and Yogurtland. First, Lenna came and picked up Vanessa and I, then we went to Ross. We looked around, but I didn't get anything. After that, we just went to Q-Mode to look around also. I saw two cute tops and I tried them on and it looked really cute and nice. So I got both of them. :) After that we went to Payless to look at shoes, but there wasn't much. After that we got kind of hungry so we decided to go somewhere to eat. We decided on BJ's. :] We went back to Fong's house so she can change and after that we headed to BJ's. =) It was pretty packed but we got seated fast also. We ordered our food and ate. It was good! Hahah. Then Chris met up with us and ate too! We had dessert after. We got a pizookie and it was awesome. A pizookie is ice cream with fresh baked hot cookie on a pan. Sounds good huh? Lol. After BJ's we had a little "road trip" haha. We drove around the REAL Red Rock. It was pretty cool. Then we decided to go to Target and walk around. I got undies and a nice frame. Then after Target, Lenna dropped off Fong, my sister and I home. Thanks for a fun day girls! :) Tomorrow Wilson, Lenna, Nancy, Vanessa, and I are going to the Premium Outlet to shop and stuff. I can't wait. I need to start buying Winter clothes because it's cheaper in the summer. I just can't wait to go dorm shopping and moving into the dorms! =) DORM LIFE must be really fun!

So babe said he is visiting in August. I'm excited to see him. I miss you so much baby. We will make the best of the days that you are here. Like I said, let's be strong and never lose hope and faith okay? We will make it. And I will always be here for you, I will support you, care for you, and always love you. ♥

- Sheri Luong ♥

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