Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello readers. :)

Hello. :) New background! I decided to change the background to roses. I think it's cute and simple. It is already November! So fast huh? I've been here for two months and going on to three months now. First semester is flying by so quickly. Lately, classes has been alright. Not too bad. English class is the hectic class with a lot of essays. We are moving on to Writing Project #5 and this essay is going to be 8-10 pages. Crazy huh? Eh, I'm not looking forward to write this essay. Also, this week we have a presentation in class about our topic. I'm not ready for that either. I'm a bit nervous. Oh well. English will be done soon. I can't wait till the semester is over. The weather here lately is pretty darn cold. It snowed a couple of days ago. It was beautiful though! I love the snow. <3 Anyways, I am excited for the holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. On Thanksgiving, I get to spend it with my baby and his family! We are going to have so much fun and spend time with each other! Also, I am excited for Black Friday shopping! Yay! =) So, my family doesn't really celebrate it so they don't expect me to go back home, and plus a week or two after Thanksgiving break, I go back home. I really miss my parents and my little sister. Although, we do talk to each other every weekend and what not. I especially miss my mom's homemade food. It's the best! I am getting tired of college food because it makes me sick or upsets my tummy. =/ I am very picky with food and sometimes I just don't want to eat or I will eat cup noodles or something simple in my dorm room. I miss Colby so much. :( *Sigh. Lately, we argued a bit and we were both very sad and emotional. I am sorry babe. We are okay now and better. I don't want to argue anymore and just love each other. I can't wait to see him. I love you! ♥ Hmm, my birthday is going to be in a month or so. :) Hugs, kisses, birthday gifts! <3 Lol. I like it how my birthday is around the Holidays too! Hahah. It's pretty cool. Winter break is going to be great! I get to see my family and some friends back home. :) Also, winter break is going to be for one month! Awesome huh? Anywho, I should get going. I have a Chinese quiz tomorrow, which I am sure I will do fine. I got A's for all the quizzes and midterm so far. I will do a little more studying tomorrow during break and read my sociology book. I need to talk to my coach too because I need to update her! :P Okay, until next time. Bye!

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Sheri Luong ♥

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