Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday and Christmas Wish list! <3

Hello! First off, I am extremely busy lately. For these two weeks, I will be busy working on my Writing Project #5, which is an essay that is 7-10 pages and also my Sociology essay that is 3-5 pages. One is due before Thanksgiving and one is due the day I come back from Thanksgiving break. I am very stressed out about it and it sucks. I hope this goes by fast and I won't have to worry about it anymore. I am going to see my baby soon so I am excited and very happy! I miss him so much. I don't think I will be blogging till I come back from Thanksgiving break. It'll be exciting! :) Anyways, here is my birthday and Christmas wish list.  
Note: I do not expect all of this from people, it's just what I like and wish to have. =) Thank you! Love you all! XOXO. ♥

 Birthday and Christmas Wish list:
1. Anything that someone makes me is lovely and wonderful! I like it when things are from the heart too. :) By the way, I love baked goodies. Lol.
2. Flowers, balloons, and cards. =)
3.Clothes from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale, PacSun, H&M.
Size: Medium for tops, sweaters, hoodies, and dresses.
4.  Shoes: Classic Purple Vans size 5.5 in women and 4 in men. Purple/black/or crazy designs Converse size 5 in women and 3 in men. Any cute boots size 6 and flats size 5.5.
5. Any cute handbags but I really like Guess.
Link: Guess bag 1 (Beige/white color), Guess bag 2 (black)
6. Bath and Body Works lotions and body sprays; Holiday Traditions (Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, Festive Vanilla Fig) or Victoria's Secret lotions and body sprays.
7. Anything Hello Kitty or Disney! I love Hello Kitty and Disney.
8. Princess like stuff. LOL. =)
9. Giftcards!:)

Sheri Luong ♥


  1. You and your list are so cute! Haha, I hope you're taking care of yourself! :)

  2. i love your blogspot its verry cute

  3. I know right? Long time no chat! Srsly. I might be heading up to Vegas this winter break with some friends. Are you still there? Did you move again? I can see your at NAU, are you goin' home? Saying there? I have no idea whats' going on with you!!!

    Haha I miss you loads. We hardly even talked/hang out. But I miss all those times we talked!

    It's been so long :]

    I'm good! I just write whatever I feel like writing, false/fiction. Haha that post was based on a fight me and my boo had, and improvised with the movie 500 days of summer!

    How are you ?!?!