Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's classes went by pretty fast. This morning for English, we had our presentations. I was a bit nervous, but still confident at the same time. Unfortunately, I did presented last. It was alright, no biggie. :P So it's finally over! I'm okay now and not stressing out about it anymore. No more English presentations; except I still have to start on this essay and do well on it. In Chinese class today, it was interesting. Tomorrow, my group have to present and teach the class our part of the lesson. We'll do fine. I got an A on the recent quiz that we took on Monday. =) I am happy! So far, all A's on the quizzes and also A for the midterm. We also have a oral presentation for Chinese and it is due around finals week. Actually, we can either present it in class or film it. I am filming/recording my project. It'll be exciting! Lol. Anyways, Sociology class was great today! This class always make my day and I always find it interesting. My professor is hilarious and makes the topic and lecture fascinating. Hahah. After Sociology class, Nancy and I walked back to our dorm room. I just relaxed for a bit and went online. Around 5:30PM, I went to dinner with Nancy, Sarena, Heather, Sara, Gabe, and Wilson at the DUB. I didn't eat much because the food wasn't that great. Then came back to the room. I do not have homework tonight except review the lesson that my group and I are going to teach to the class. :) I'm glad. Tomorrow is Thursday, which means the weekend. Yay! I love the three day weekend. Alrighty, time for me to go take a shower. By the way, I miss my family and babe! ♥

Sheri Luong ♥

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