Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Break and my week so far! =)

Hello blogspot! =) Sorry, it's been awhile since I have last updated but I said I would come back and blog about my Thanksgiving Break and others. Anyways, I will recap about my break with my baby and his family. I had a good time! :)

TUESDAY; November 24th, 2009 - I only had two classes today and it was English and Chinese. It went by pretty fast though. After my classes, I headed back to my dorm and rest for awhile and got ready the last minute stuff. The shuttle came and we departed at 3:20PM and headed to Sky Harbor Airport. By the way, we sat in a really nice bus; it was a coach one. =) I sat next to Tawney and Briana. We just talked a bit and fell asleep. I slept a lot on my way there. So we go to the airport around 6:40PM. Tawney and I checked in and we decided to go eat. Airport food is really expensive and so not worth it. However I was hungry and had to eat something. Lol. After we ate, we both said bye and headed to security check-in. After that I went to my gate and waited for boarding. Around 9PM, I boarded. Departure was to Las Vegas. It was about an hour. On the plane, I read for sociology and just got it done. I had a headache though. Got to Las Vegas around 9:30PM (They go back an hour and Arizona does not change time). I waited for a bit and later boarded. Then from Las Vegas right to Charlotte, NC. It was about 4.5 hours. Again, I slept on the plane. I get really tired on the plane and end up sleeping. I can never stay up. Haha. I got there in Charlotte around 5:30AM, then I went to get my luggage. I saw my baby and I was so happy! I miss him so much.

WEDNESDAY; November 25th, 2009 - This was the day I arrived. We drove home from the airport. We were both extremely exhausted especially babe because he did not sleep at all. I took a shower first and then went to bed with babe. =) After that, we woke up around 10AM and went downstairs to say hello to the family. I gave Makenna the pillow I made her. She loves it! I'm glad. After that, babe and I played wii games. We got tired again and fell asleep. Woke up at 3PM and got ready. Babe woke up a little later. I decided to go to work with him. :) At his work, I fell asleep a couple times and just playing on the computer. By the way, I saw babe's new puppy. Her name is Princess and she is so adorable and cute. Anyways, we left the store around midnight and headed home. It was super cold!

THURSDAY; November 26th, 2009 - Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 14 Months love! ♥ First off, I would like to say what and who I am thankful and grateful for. :) 1. I am thankful for a loving and caring family; I love you all! 2. My boyfriend; thank you baby for everything, you are my happiness, and of course you are the love of my life. <3 3. My amazing friends. 4. To be able to experience many things. 5. Finding love and happiness. 6. A great college education. 7. To live, love, laugh. ♥ Now moving on, I woke up very early this  morning to get ready and stuff. Babe woke up around 6:30AM. We left the house at 7AM. We headed to his Nana's house which is 3 hours away from his house. I fell asleep during the ride there. We got there around 11AM. I met his Nana; she is so sweet and funny. =) Then I met his cousins, aunts, and uncles. They are great people and very sweet. And to mention, they are extremely hilarious. I crack up all the time! I met Colby's little baby cousin Celeste. She is such a cutie and so adorable! I love her. We ate Thanksgiving dinner around 4PM. It was super cold outside. The food was delicious though. After dinner we played the game "Left, Right, Center." It was my first time playing and I like it a lot. It is so interesting and fun! Everyone had a great time and just enjoying Thanksgiving. :) So babe won $30! Wow, lucky huh?! Actually it was between babe and I. Lol. That's gas money right there. After playing the game, we all went inside the house and rested. We all took a nap. Haha. Then I woke up from my nap and just ate dessert. Lol. Talked to Aunt Karen and Nana. =) I love all of them. Around 9PM we left and headed back home. Babe and I jammed to some songs and just had a great time. Something funny happened, but I'll leave that out. :P Okay, after that we went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff then headed back to his house. For the rest of the night, it was a great night. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

FRIDAY; November 27th, 2009 - We totally slept in and did not go Black Friday shopping. Lol, yeah bummer. Oh well. Babe had to work a couple hours today so he went to work and I stayed home to relax. After he came home from work we decided to watch "New Moon" with his co-workers. I have to say that I liked the movie. It was better than the first one. And also, Taylor Lautner is so handsome and sexy. ;) Gotta love his body. Lol. He looks better than Robert Pattinson. Anyways, after the movie we went back home and ate because we got hungry. :P We watched another movie called "Zach and Miri Make a Porno" movie and it was so hilarious. I laughed my ass off. HAHAHA. If you haven't seen this movie, you should! :P After the movie we went to bed.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY; November 28th & 29th, 2009 - Today is my last night here. =( I went to work with babe again and after work we went back home. Then we watched another movie which was funny too. We actually stayed up all night and didn't sleep. We just spent time with each other, talked, and being in each other's arms. =) After that we left the house at 4:30AM and headed to the airport. I was getting a bit sad though. I didn't want to leave at all. It went by too fast. We stopped at McDonald's by the airport to get breakfast. Then he dropped me off. I went and check-in and then to security check-in. Then flew from CLT right to Phoenix. Got there around 10:30AM and then left Phoenix back to Flagstaff. I miss him already! But anyways, overall I had an amazing time on Thanksgiving break! Thank you so much babe! I love you. <3

So tomorrow is my sister and my 19th birthday! =) I will blog about that soon too. I am so excited though. Anyways, next week is finals and I have to study! I have three finals so it won't be too bad. I have to study for Sociology the most, then Chinese, and then Theatre. I believe I am leaving next Thursday or Friday to go back to Vegas. I can't wait! I miss my family and miss home. I miss my mom's homemade food too. Yummm! One month of winter break is awesome! By the way, it's starting to snow here and it's so beautiful. I love it! It gets extremely cold though. Okay, time to go now. Bye! =) Here are some pictures and videos. Enjoy!

Makenna's pillow that I made for her. I hand-sewed it.

This is Colby's new puppy name Princess. Isn't she so cute? Her eyes are blue by the way. =)

Sheri Luong ♥

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