Sunday, December 13, 2009

19th Birthday and Winter Break so far! :)

Hello blogspot! Time to recap about my sister and my 19th birthday and my winter break so far. :)

FRIDAY; December 4th, 2009 - Happy 19th Birthday to my sister Nancy and I! <3 Yay! So at midnight our friends came to our dorm room and surprised us with a birthday icecream cake and sang to us. It was so sweet of them. Thank you all! :) Our first birthday in college was great. In the morning I got something from the front desk and it was two dozen of roses from my baby. He sent it to me and it was a big surprised to me! It was so beautiful! I love it. Thank you so much baby! I love you. ♥ We got ready in the day time and then went to dinner. We went to Olive Garden. We had to wait for about an hour because they do not do reservations on weekends which is pretty stupid. It's okay though. So dinner was delicious! Nancy and I opened our presents and loved all of them. Thank you so much guys. <3 After dinner, we went to watch Ninja Assassin! I thought it was pretty epic. Haha, Rain is hot! He has a great body except his hairstyle in the movie wasn't that great. Lol. And they exaggerated a lot on blood in the movie. The human body only holds about 8 ounces. Hahaha. Anyway, after the movies we went back to our dorm because it was getting late and I was getting tired. :P Overall, it was a wonderful birthday. Thanks to my love and my friends. Thank you all for the presents, the comments, the messages, texts, phone call, and surprises. :)

Okay, so last week was finals. On Monday, it snowed really badly and it was really unexpected. School and finals got canceled, which means my Chinese finals was canceled and I studied hard for nothing. Basically, they told us we either keep our current grade as our final grade or take it next semester to make up that final. I kept my grade because I have an A in that class. =) So instead of studying that day, my friends and I went out to play in the snow. We had so much fun! Hahah, I love snow! So the next day, it was canceled again. How great is that?! Finals canceled because of snow days. Love it! However, I didn't have any finals on Tuesday, so it didn't matter anyways. I was hoping for Wednesday to be canceled because I have Sociology and Theatre finals, but it wasn't. So my friend Kevin, Nancy, and I did a study group that night for Theatre and it went well. We had our moments and laughed a lot though. Lol. The next day I tooked my two exams. I hope I did well. =) On Thursday, I packed and cleaned all day because my sister and I are leaving on Friday with our two friends. On Friday, we left early morning and heading to Vegas. My friend's dad took us out to breakfast first and then left. In the car, we had so many laughters, it was great. We spent like two hours talking about girls and boys. Hahah! Funny stuff. We got back in Vegas around 12:30PM. It feels great to be home! HOME SWEET HOME baby! <3 By the way, my break is one month! How awesome is that? Man, I love college. Lol. For the rest of the day, I just relaxed and hung out with some old friends. We went shopping at Fashion Show mall and went to drink Boba at Tea Planet. The Thai tea there sucked and was watery. I did not like it. I was very mad about that. T__T" After Tea Planet, we went home. That was my day.

SATURDAY; December 12th, 2009 - It was my friend Lenna's late celebration of her birthday. :) We went to BJ's for dinner at 8:15PM. There was a lot of people there and we waited awhile before we ordered. I ordered a great entree and it was delicious. Lol. It was a bit expensive though because of gratuity too. After dinner, a few friends and I went to my house to hang out for a bit and watched "The Ugly Truth." We didn't get to finish it but it was good so far. Hahaha, it's so funny and a bit true! :)

SUNDAY; December 13th, 2009 - Woke up around 11AM and got ready. My family and I decided to go eat Dim Sum. I haven't had it in a long time and it was good! Hahah. I saw someone there and it was a bit awkward. Lol. After that, we went to Townsquare Mall and shopped. My mom bought my sister and I a cardigan sweater at H&M. Thank you mom! After that, my sisters and I decided to go to Yogurtland. That was good too because I haven't had that in a long time. :P We left Townsquare around 3PM and went home first to dropped my dad off. Then my mom and my sister decided to go shop some more. Lol. My mom got us Kathy Van Zealand bags. It's very cute! I love it. Thank you again! She said it is our late birthday presents. Haha. After shopping, we went to a couple of markets to buy groceries. Then we headed home. That was my amazing day with my family. <3

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  1. happy belated bday :]
    lucky! you got snowed in!
    too bad that doesn't happen a lot in sunshine cali

  2. Dang! All grown up now! Can't believe you're 19! That's crazy. :) Happy belated birthday to both of you two! But thank you for the comment. You're too kind. :)

    My break is alright. I love being home and that's all that I can ask for. How is yours?! Merry Christmas Eve!