Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays! ♥

Winter break is going pretty well and it's been two weeks already. Soon, we will start school again. We have to make the best of it. :) School starts January 11th and my love will be there on January 15th. I am so excited to see him! I miss him so much. Anyways, Happy Holidays to all! I hope you all had a great Christmas and of course New Years that is coming up soon. I can't believe the year 2009 is ending soon. It has been a great year for me; many ups and downs, beautiful memories, and a lot of fun. :) I am very thankful and grateful for my family, my wonderful boyfriend, and my true and lovely friends! Thank you! <3 So lately, I have been hanging out with some friends here and it's been great. We just shopped, ate, and took pictures. Haha. Yesterday was after Christmas sales and my friend Fong and my two sisters went to the Premium Outlets. Wow, there were so many people there! It took us about an hour to find parking and it was getting irritating. Fong had to go pee really really bad so she let Nancy take over and find a parking. Lol. Finally we found a parking. We shopped for about 3 hours or so. Nancy and I bought two boots from Guess and it is really comfortable, warm, and cute. It was originally $110, but it was half off so it's about $55. Good deal right? =) My younger sister got a black coat and we got jeans from PacSun. It was buy one get one free. :) Gotta love the sales. Lol. :D After shopping, we decided to go get Pho. After Pho, we met up with Winnie at Yogurtland. I love Yogurt! It's the best. We ate yogurt and just talked. After that we went to Winnie's house and hung out there. We got bored and decided to go to Walmart and look around. Lol. Then we went home. It was a good day! I had fun. I'm looking forward for Tuesday because it's our girls night out! =) It's going to fun. Next Sunday, my family and I are going to LA for a couple of days and then after that I go back to school. I am not ready to start the semester again. I need a longer break, although we already have one month. Haha. Okay, that is my winter break so far and there's more to come. Here are some pictures. I will come back soon. :]


Sheri Luong ♥

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  1. You guys look adorable. :) Thank you for the comment! It was a terrible drawing. HAHA, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I HOPE YOU HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND STAY SAFE! Have the most fun you can out of it!