Friday, October 2, 2009

Hello! :) So last weekend on Thursday, September 24th - Monday, September 28th I was at NC for Colby and my one year anniversary and his birthday. It was amazing and I had lots of fun with him and just spending time with my love! I'm going to recap on what I did last weekend. =)

THURSDAY & FRIDAY; September 24th/25th, 2009 - I went to English class for my writing workshop and peer review for my essay. Then had my 3 hour break. Went to Chinese class after. After that, I headed back to my dorm and got my stuff ready. Wilson came over and helped me took my luggage and stuff down to the parking lot around 2:30PM. Sara and I met down there. The Flagstaff Express came and we left around 2:50PM. Then we headed to Phoenix. It took about 2 hours to get there. Not bad. Sara and I fell asleep. Lol. Anyways, we got to the Sky Harbor airport around 5:30PM. My departure was actually at 11:15PM. I know, we got there super early. That's because they didn't have the 5:50PM bus. Oh well. We ate at the food court first and then just walked around. Then she guided me how to check-in and stuff because it is my first time flying out. Yes, by myself. :P I'm brave! Anyways, Sara left around 7:30PM because her mom came pick her up. She went back home to surprise her dad for his birthday. =) Okay, so then I did security check-in and went to my gate. Sat there and read my magazines that I bought. I sat there for like 3 hours. Wow, it was so long and boring. Lol. I am such a noob at flying. I asked everyone about things because I didn't know. Hahah, there is a first for everyone right? :P Anyways, went on the plane and it was pretty cool especially for my first time. =) Going up is nice. Except sometimes I get a headache when on the plane. So I sat next to two nice people and they were pretty helpful. =) We flew from Phoenix to Detroit, MI. Got there around 5AM and waited for an hour to depart to Charlotte, NC. I also met this nice girl at the airport. We talked for a bit. When boarding, this guy asked me how old am I. I was like what the hell? Hahah. Anyways, got to CLT airport around 9AM. Went to claim my baggage. Lol, I was smart to tie pink ribbons all over my luggage so it would be easy to identify. Then my baby came and I saw him. I ran and gave him a big big hug and kiss! Oh, how I miss him soooo much! Then after that we drove back to his house first and then we rest and relaxed for awhile. Saw Briana and just talked to her for awhile. Haha, missed her! After that we decided to go to his parents shop. :) Aw, I miss his parents. I love them! Then Makenna got dropped off at the store from school. She's such a cutie! I miss her so much. :) So we decided to go to Colby's work place because all of his co-workers wanted to meet me. :P Lol. They were all nice. I had a sandwich there and it was bomb! Thanks babe. After that we left the store around 5PM and went to the mall. We walked around the mall and just browsed the place. Makenna went on those jumping thing. So cute! She went way up high! Hahaha. After the mall, we went to Wal-Mart and got some stuff. Then went home. Relaxed for a bit and just watched movies with babe and laid with him. <3

SATURDAY; September 26th, 2009 - Happy One Year Anniversary and Happy Birthday my love! I L♥VE you baby! So he decided to give me my gifts at midnight. I opened all of them and I love it sooo much! I got Jane Seymour Open Heart earrings, a customized ring with our names, date, and sapphire (which I opened the day before), customized LOVE jewelry box, lots of Bath & Body Works stuff, and three meaningful cards. The customized card made me cry and it touched my heart. It was soo inspiring and beautiful. Thank you so much baby! I love you so much. ♥ And of course I also got my hugs and kisses from him. XOXO <3 Hehe. We just stayed up watching movies and laying together and being in each others arms. :) I love it. Went to bed around 3AM. We slept in till like 12 or 1PM that day. Just hung out at the house and stuff. I got ready later that afternoon for dinner because it was our anniversary and his birthday. We decided to just eat sushi and Japanese food. =) Yummm! We got there around 6PM. We had some great sushi and entrees. Thanks my love! The weather sucked because it was raining so we couldn't do much outdoors stuff. Then we drove back to the house and we hung out there. His family got him a yummy birthday cake. :) We sang and ate cake! After that, we watched some more movies and spent time with each other. That's the most important and what matters the most. <3 We stayed up late again. :P

SUNDAY; September 27th, 2009 - We woke up early in the morning around 8AM. Got ready and stuff. Today is the day that we are going to Carowinds Themepark! Such excitement! We got there right when the park opened! There was no one and empty. Good for us so we don't have to wait in such long lines. We went on awesome rides! Omg, we went on rides that are standing up, laying down, and going backwards. LOL! Cool huh? But this one ride gave me a major headache and I didn't feel well. I had to take Tylenol. :( We took some pictures and stuff! Then we got hungry and ate lunch. We got a great lunch deal. Turkey leg and two sides for $10. Yummmy! =) Once again, thank you baby! :) We left the themepark around 3PM and got back home at 4PM. We were sooo tired so we decided to take a nap till 6 or 7PM. Lol. It was a great nap. :) After that we ate dinner and watched some more movies and relaxed again. Hehe, I love laying with him and just being next to him. Greatest feeling to be with the person you really love. <3 Basically, it was my last night there. I got a bit sad, but it's okay. We went to bed late again. He usually falls asleep before me because I'm still use to the West Coast time. I like watching him sleep, it's so cute. Haha. =)

MONDAY; September 28th, 2009 - Today is the day I fly back. Sad too. So we got to the CLT airport at 12PM. I didn't want to leave. :( I got sad and didn't want to let go. It's okay though, not a goodbye it's a "see you later." Went inside, check my luggage again and then went through security check point. I got breakfast after and then waited at my gate. Departed around 2PM. Landed in Cleveland and then flew from Cleveland to Phoenix. I got there around 6PM. Got my baggage and then walked around. Waited for my bus to come at 8:50PM. Some reason I didn't feel well and I started to not be able to breathe well. Then I sat down and rest for a bit. I felt better. Phoenix was really hot. Hmm, weather changes. Flagstaff was really cold, NC was humid/cold. The bus came a bit late. Like 5 minutes late. Oh well. Um, there was this girl next to me who was drunk. She kept talking to me and saying how drunk she is and to punch her if she falls asleep. I'm like what the hell? LOL. She made me laugh though. She kept falling alseep on my shoulder and I got annoyed. Ugh. Anyways, I got back to Flagstaff around 11:30PM. It was super cold! Wilson came down and helped me with my luggage. While walking uphill, I started to have an asthma attack. Couldn't breathe because it was cold and I wasn't feeling well at all. I apparently left my inhaler at Colby's house. Wow, stupid me. So, Nancy and Wilson rushed to Wal-Mart to buy me one. Thanks so much! After I used my inhaler, I felt better. Colby got mad and upset at me because I was being stubborn about my health and should of went to first aid at the airport to see if there was an inhaler. I'm so sorry babe. I should of listen. Anyways, went to bed around 1AM and had class the next morning at 9AM.

That was my wonderful weekend with my love! I had a great time with him. Thank you so much for everything babe! One year and many more to come! <3 I LOVE YOU! Okay, so today I went shopping with my friend Sara Kruger and Nancy. I bought some cute stuff and winter stuff. :) I bought some cute black flats, black tights, HCO shirt, shorts, purple plaid dress, and cute scarf. Yes, I am shopaholic. :P Shopping makes me happy! But what makes me the happiest is my baby! I miss him already! I can't wait to see him again. Okay, time for me to go now! Ahhhh, it's really cold here! Bye bye!

Sheri Luong ♥

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