Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vanessa's birthday dinner & hangout. :)

Happy Early 13th Birthday to my younger sister! I love you. =) So yesterday, was her dinner at BJ's. First her friends Pam, Gabbi and Danni got dropped off at my place. Then we headed to BJ's around 5PM because dinner starts at 5:30PM. When we got there we waited for awhile for the others to come. Everyone came except for my two friends. Hahah, they were pretty late. Anyways, we ordered our food and ate. :) It was good! I got a big stuffed potato! Wow, it was big. I didn't finish it. Lol. Then my sister Vanessa opened all her gifts. She loved all her gifts and got want she wanted. She's such a princess. Hahah. After that, Nancy had to take Pam home because her curfew is 7:30PM. Yeah, I know early. When she came back we ordered a big party size pizookie, with all the flavors! I love their dessert there. It's really good. Haha. After dinner, we just decided to go back to my place to watch a movie. But the movie got boring and we just all ended up hanging out and talking. :P Everyone left around 12:30AM. That was my day! :] It's offically 3 more days till I move to NAU. I'm excited! Wooo hoo! COLLEGE! ;) I still need to finish packing some more stuff and read. Lol, then I'm done. Okay, bye!

Here are some pictures and the rest are on my facebook.

- Sheri Luong ♥

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