Sunday, August 23, 2009

NAU! =)

So I am going to recap about the couple days that I've been here at Northern Arizona University. :)

THURSDAY, August 20th - We left Vegas around 3AM and got to NAU around 8AM. :) Nancy and I checked-in too McConnell Hall and went up to our dorm room. Then we went back to the car to unload our stuff and then brought it up to the dorm. We went back and forth and dang it was tiring. We walked up hill and down hill. After unloading we just rested for awhile in our dorm. Later that afternoon, Nancy, Vanessa, my mom, and I decided to walk to central campus and to the bookstore. Wow it's pretty far from my dorm. Like 20 min walk. That sucks. Which mean my classes are going to be far from McConnell too. :( Oh well. After the bookstore we just walked back to my dorm and our parents decided to go to Target. We got some essentials and stuff. Headed back to our dorm and changed and got ready for the BBQ at 6:30PM. Parents dropped us off and then they left. I'm going to miss them a lot. But I'm officially independent and free now. Haha. We went to the BBQ and there was a long long line! Wow, Nancy and I waited for 1 hour just to get pizza. I didn't know it was pizza. Hahah. After that we decided to walk back to our dorm and just showered. And then back to the dorm to unpack so more stuff.

FRIDAY, August 21st - Second day in NAU! Woke up early in the morning around 8:30AM. Dang, early as hell but somehow I wasn't that tired. In Vegas, I wake up pretty late around like 1 or 2PM. Lol. Oh well. So then after that got ready and went to eat breakfast at the Du Bois Dining hall. Chilled for awhile and Wilson called saying he got here at NAU. So we went down and helped him unload and stuff. After that we just hung out for awhile at his dorm. Then they came over to my dorm and chilled. I met his friend Anthony which he is pretty nice. Around 3:45PM Anthony and I walked towards central campus because I have a coaching orientation to go to. We kind of got lost but we went to Wilson Hall and ask his RA where the Liberal Arts building is. Then we found it. Anthony was really nice to walk me all the way there. Thanks dude! :) Went to orientation and I met Alex for the first time. :) She's really nice and pretty. It was pretty cool. After that we all went outside and played a game and then got pizza and then sit in our group and getting to know each other. People are really friendly here and I'm glad. :] After orientation I met up with Wilson and Nancy at the HOTSPOT dining hall. We ate dinner together. After that we went to Target again and we bought more stuff for our dorm. I spent a lot there. T__T' Then Wilson's parents came and picked us up and then dropped us off back to the dorm. For the rest of the night we just hung out.

SATURDAY, August 22nd - Nancy and I woke around 7:30AM for breakfast with Gabe and Wilson because Gabe had Band Camp at 9. We went to the Du Bois dining hall and it was close. So we drove to central campus to the HOTSPOT and it was close. Turns out that power went off so nothing worked. We drove back to the dorm and finally power worked again. We were pissed off. Lol. So we just chilled at Wilson's dorm. We just ate ramen. Hahah. Oh well. Then Nancy and I went back to our dorm and took a nap because it was still early. We woke up around 10:30AM and got ready for lunch because Wilson's parents are taking us out. We went downtown to Galaxy's Diner. It was pretty bomb! I had chicken fried steak. :) They give you really big portions and it's cheap too. After lunch we headed to Wal-Mart and got some more stuff. Lol. Okay so after Wal-Mart we went to the bookstore. But it was too hot and long line so we left. We went back to our dorm first. Then later Wilson's parents left. We went to Starbucks and got some coffee. Anthony met up with us. After that we ate dinner. =) After dinner we just walked around campus and then back to the dorms again. Waited for Gabe to come back and we went to Target. LOL I know again, but I had to return some stuff. :P And that was my day.

SUNDAY, August 23rd - Third day, one more day before school starts. I'm excited and nervous the same time! Haha. Woke up around 9:30AM and got ready to go eat breakfast with the guys. Went to Einstein Bros. Got a iced coffee and bagel. :) We talked and ate for awhile. After that Nancy and I headed back to the dorm and just relax for awhile and while the guys are heading to Gateway to print out their schedule and stuff. I might head off to central campus a little later. I have to go the UT&T bookstore later to get my NAU 100 book. Tonight at 7PM there is a mandatory hall meeting for the girls down at the lobby. I plan to sleep a bit early tonight because I start class tomorrow at 9AM. :P I tend to get more tired here because of the elevation. We're on the mountains. :P

Okay, time for me to go! I'll come back for more exciting updates! So far it's been great and I'm having a lot of fun! I love COLLEGE! And also the weather is lovely. :) Breezy and nice, unlike Vegas. Lol. Bye!

- Sheri Luong ♥


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  2. Hi, I wanted to leave you a comment to say that you've got a totally cool blog going on here ! Love your posts which are interesting, and you have great pictures too. Brilliant - thankyou for sharing them !

    Best wishes and have a great week.

  3. thanks for sharing. good luck at school! :)