Sunday, May 30, 2010

My summer so far. =)

Hello! I decided to blog again cause it's been awhile. I need to update more often since I have nothing to do sometimes. Anyways, I have been back home for about three weeks now. It definitely feels great to be back home. I missed my family and friends so much. Lately, I've been job hunting a lot. I applied to many places but still no calls from them. It's really frustrating and annoying. It's hard to find jobs nowadays though. I really need a summer job so I can make some money and not be broke all the time or parents giving me money. Yeah, it sucks. Other than job hunting, I have been spending time with family and hanging out with my friends. It's great. :) I'm having a fun summer so far. I really hope I can go to LA this summer because I miss it so much! Especially, the beaches! ♥ I love it there. I hope that works out. I actually miss Flagstaff already and my friends from NAU. I'm sure Flagstaff's weather is very beautiful right now. As for here, it's getting hotter and hotter everyday. We will need to turn the AC on soon! So, a lot of things has changed over the past two months. But oh well, it's for the best. I probably won't mention it in this post, maybe another one. Well, that's it for now. Here are some pictures so far. :) Alrighty, I'll be back later! Bye!

♥ Sheri Luong

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